[ODE] Center of mass problem

Tim Sorrells tsorrells at breakawayltd.com
Wed Jan 10 18:48:54 MST 2007

Alright so I have a capsule that keeps wanting to stand up on one end,
rather than settle down lengthwise and look like a real world object.
As I understand it the dMassTranslate function moves a mass relative to
its body (although I honestly would love to simply point it at a geom
and not have to configure it separately).  I give my geom a
<0.0,0.0,0.25> offset and then I try to move the mass to the center of
the object by giving it a translate of <0,0,0.25>.  But my capsule keeps
standing up.  I've tried changing around all the various x,y,z params to
dMassTranslate and while they produce a variety of unwanted effects,
nothing I've tried will get my capsule to act like a balanced capsule.


Here's the order of operations, since I've noticed ODE is very
unforgiving if you call functions out of order:


// Spawn body and setup geom








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