[ODE] Balancing a bike

James Steele james at whereintheworldisrusty.com
Wed Jan 10 10:31:05 MST 2007

Well no, since I'm using a ray-cast vehicle rather than simulating it as 
a series of bodies connected by joints.  Even then, balance isn't 
achieved by gyroscopic effects alone (although they DO have an effect, 
but only at certain speeds) but instead is more about the combined 
mass-center of the rider and bike constantly changing.

An amotor joint has actually achieved the effect I need with very little 
effort, other than to work out the angular velocity I want to lean the 

Bram Stolk wrote:
> James Steele wrote:
>> I'm in the middle of trying to implement the dynamics required for a 
>> motorcycle and currently, am working on ways to balance the bike also 
>> cause it to lean into a turn.
> Shouldn't the balancing come automatically?
> As long as you do not use the --disable-gyroscopic configure flag,
> gyroscopic forces should keep it upright. Just make sure you have
> reasonable mass in the wheels.
> Leaning in the corners would be much easier if there was a
> torus primitive that you could use for colliding with ground.
> Is anyone up for implementing torus-vs-plane ?
>   Bram

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