[ODE] Balancing a bike

Michael Lacher michael.lacher at hlw.co.at
Tue Jan 9 01:10:58 MST 2007

Perhaps this is this abstraction is too simple, but you could just shift 
the center of gravity below the street. This would result in automatic 
stability, and the cycle would lean inward on turns. Breaking and 
Accelerating would look reveresed, but depending on your 
springs/dampening this may or may not be immediately visible.


James Steele wrote:
> I'm in the middle of trying to implement the dynamics required for a 
> motorcycle and currently, am working on ways to balance the bike also 
> cause it to lean into a turn.
> To get a quick and dirty version going, I just applied a fixed torque 
> value multiplied by the inner-product between the up-vector of the 
> body's rotation and a unit y-vector.  To avoid unwanted oscillations (as 
> this was essentially a spring) I dampened the torque by a force 
> multiplied by the angular velocity around the body's at-vector.
> While this does work, it's rather limited.  What I really need is to 
> specify a desired "up-vector"  for the body, and use a  joint motor to 
> control the torque required to orient the body correctly. So my question 
> is; is there an existing joint in ODE that will allow me to constrain 
> ONLY THE ROTATION around one-axis of a single body?
> If not, how easy would it be to implement a joint in ODE that does 
> this?  Is there anybody who can give me some hints on this? 
> thanks in advance!
> James
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