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erwin@erwincoumans.com erwin at erwincoumans.com
Sun Feb 25 10:52:07 MST 2007

Thanks for expressing some interest. It is a matter of priorities indeed, 
and there has been very little feedback from the ODE community so far. 

There is no real changes needed to ODE. The idea is to add the collision 
detection part of Bullet, which provides an alternative to OPCODE and 
provides the full collision matrix using GJK. 

The main issues to be resolved are proving a ODE-style C interface to 
Bullet. Bullet provides all algorithms (compressed aabb tree, sweep and 
prune broadphase, and persistent contact point management) and it would be 
best to create a 'PersistentSpace'. 

It helps if some ODE users (David?) familiarize with the Bullet library, and 
have some more discussion about the integration (either on this mailing 
list, or on the Bullet physics forum). 




David Walters writes: 

> Jason wrote [20-Dec-2006]:
> "Erwin Coumans would like to start working on integrating ODE and the
> Bullet continuous collision library. Since this work might take a
> while, I believe it makes sense to push out a new release of ODE
> before he starts. ..." 
> I'm still quite excited about integration of the Bullet library into
> ODE, however it's been a while since we last heard anything about this
> and I'm wondering if there's anything anyone can do to help speed
> things up? 
> I understand that Erwin is probably the best person to do the
> integration, but maybe there is something that others could help with
> and I don't think anyone has ever openly asked this question .... so
> I'm sending this e-mail to at the very least try to show support for
> this new feature. 
> Regards,
> David Walters
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