[ODE] Naming of Tests

Dave Grundgeiger dave.grundgeiger at codenouveau.com
Wed Feb 21 08:26:24 MST 2007

Bram Stolk wrote:
> Ok. Added [Makefile.am's] as revision 1171 of the trunk.
> Is the output supposed to be so minimal?

The existing test is just a sample that Jason added when he added 
CppTestHarness to ODE a year ago. CppTestHarness needs to be pulled out, 
because it is no longer being developed, and replaced with UnitTest++, which 
is being developed by the original author of CppTestHarness and others. Then 
a Makefile.am needs to be created, and a premake script needs to be created.

I'm offering to do any or all of this work, if that would be helpful. I'm 
not an expert in autotools or premake, but I'm quick on the uptake and it 
will be a learning experience for me. (I've been a Windows developer for 17 
years.) Please let me know if I can be of service. I will wait to hear from 
you so that I don't duplicate work that you may be doing.


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