[ODE] ODE behaving differently for different renderers

STenyaK (Bruno Gonzalez) stenyak at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 16:50:39 MST 2007

Did you just change the renderer to test_buggy demo, or did you recreate  
the whole thing from scratch using your renderer?
In the first case, the should be almost no differences.
In the later case, make sure you do exactly the same things, in the same  

Read the ode wiki for more info regarding how to create a reproducible  
simulation, including issues with DirectX changing cpu float/double  
precision whenever it wants (could be your problem if you use d3d instead  
of ogl), and other issues.

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007 23:56:43 +0100, PKS123 <prashant.coder at gmail.com>  

> Hi
> It would have greatly helped if you could elaborate on that a bit.
> If you mean to suggest that the bodies have no mass and size, let me  
> clarify
> that they do.
> But I guess you wanted to say that the mass and size of the body may be
> different from those assigned in the ODE test_buggy demo. I believed  
> that I
> mentioned in my doubt that the bodies and environment in both the
> applications have the same properties. My mistake, not to mention what is
> meant by properties (hoped you'd understand though). Following is the  
> list
> of properties I have ensured to be consistant between both demos:
> 1. Mass
> 2. Inertia (both magnitude and directionwise)
> 3. Density
> 4. Size (Length Width Height Radius)
> 5. Gravity (both magnitude and direction)
> 6. Center of Mass Location
> 7. Volume (though it implies from size, but just in case)
> Thanks for the reply
> I apologize for an incoherent doubt in my earlier mail.
> Hope this explains things better.
> Thanks and Regards
> Lukas Irwin wrote:
>> On Sunday 18 February 2007 07:00 pm, ode-request at ode.org wrote:
>>> ODE behaving differently for different renderers
>> Check your object mass and size.
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