[ODE] Fwd: Heightfield collider

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 16 04:37:06 MST 2007

Hi, In reply to your direct e-mail.

I wasn't sure exactly what you were referring to but a search through my e-mail
turned up mention of this document from around June 2006. I believe what
you're looking for is (technically) here:


However, the file you're after was not much more than an API
description and so was rolled into the header at
'include/ode/collision.h' at some point after I wrote that. This should also be
part of the doxygen docs that came with the 0.8 release.

I've not searched through the mailing list directly since I switched
to google mail, but I think if you put the time in you'll be able to piece
together some more information to help you with this primitive. Ideally
this should all be collated in the Wiki but the effort I put into
manual writing is not what you'd class as inspirational :-)


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Date: 16-Feb-2007 06:48
Subject: Re: Heightfield collider
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Hi David

You posted below:

> You're welcome. Don't forget to read "ode/doc/readme-heightfield.txt"
> as this has lots of information that might help to explain things
> further.

I Downloaded ODE-0.8 from Sourceforge two days back, but couldn't find
the readme-heightfield.txt file anywhere.
Could you please post the file link, or content onto the forum.

Thanks a ton.

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