[ODE] How to get started with ODE on Mac OSX?

tanglihua821229@sjtu.edu.cn tanglihua821229 at sjtu.edu.cn
Thu Feb 15 08:41:48 MST 2007

Thank you, Per

      Thanks also to other warm-hearted oders. I have made it.
      It is just as you said, the problem was resulted from the AGL framework, which I once didn't know to add. Now my simulation project can build and run.
      I create a new carbon c++ project, add libode.a, libfast.a, libOPCODE.a(maybe unnecessary), libdrawstuff.a, AGL to external framework. And configure the build search pathes: Header search path:/usr/local/include and User header search path:the drawstuff include bundle. Then copy source codes in some example, such as "test_buggy" to main.cp, overwriting it. Simulation works. It is cool to make it on MacOSX!!!
      Thanks again and wish good luck to other newbies.


> Hey,
> I am not actually using the test code. I have just
> started right on my own project, which is rather
> complex and in Objective-C (Cocoa). I am not
> experienced with Carbon, but I can make a few guesses.
> Since drawstuff uses OpenGL, there are three
> frameworks you might need to have included in your
> project: The AGL framework, OpenGL, and GLUT. I'm not
> sure exactly which ones drawstuff is using, so you
> just add them all and try again. Framework is just the
> same as library. You add it like you added the
> libode.a library:
> In the Groups & Files pane, select Frameworks > Other
> Frameworks. Select menu option Project > Add to
> project. The three frameworks you can find by going to
> the hard drive root, select System > Library >
> Frameworks. The frameworks are usually displayed as
> folders, but you just select the folder and add it.
> Also, I notice there are several drawstuff files
> especially for mac in the source. There is
> drawstuff/src/osx.cpp, but there is also something
> under contrib/MacCFM_Carbon/mac_source... I'm not sure
> which one is right, I think it must be the first one.
> If it doesn't work, send me the project I might have a
> quick look at it and see if I can see anything wrong.
> I can't make any promises though! Otherwise try again
> at the ODE list, this might have general interest to
> other ODE users.
> Per
> --- tanglihua821229 at sjtu.edu.cn skrev:
>> Hi,
>>     I create a new carbon c++ project, and add all
>> the libs,including drawstuff, and configure the
>> pathes of head files. then, edit the main.cp ,adding
>> the functions for simulation and also replace the
>> main function. No errors when building, but when
>> running, error occurs.
>>     Can you send me your test project for reference
>> when you finish it?
>> Since ODE example can be made and installed in
>> terminal, there is no reason xcode can not compile
>> and run it. there must be something wrong with the
>> configure of my own built project.
>> Thanks again. I am both newbie for mac and ode.
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