[ODE] How to get started with ODE on Mac OSX?

Per Bull Holmen pbholmen at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 12 10:33:58 MST 2007


Here is what I did just five minutes ago on my
macbook, which seemed to work fine, but I haven't
tested it thoroughly.

1) Make sure to have the MacOS X Developer CD
installed, the CD comes with the machine.

2) With the terminal application, cd to the main
directory wich was created when you unzipped the
source files. (type cd <directory> <enter>).

3) type ./configure <enter>

4) type make <enter>

5) type sudo make install <enter>

You will be asked for administrator password.

6) Start the XCode application, which is normally
located under /Developer/Applications

7) Create new project. If you want to make a MacOS X
only application in Objective-C choose Cocoa
application. Otherwise choose another preferrable

8) Ctrl-click the top left blue icon with the name of
the project (under Groups & Files), and choose "get

9) Under Build > Active Configuration > Search Paths
edit the setting "header search paths". Add the path
/usr/local/include/. Close the window.

10) In the "groups & files" pane, select the folder
Frameworks > Other frameworks.

11) Select the menu option Project > Add to project.

12) According to the manual, the built libraries are
now supposed to be in the directory ode-0.8/lib. On my
machine this directory was empty. Instead I found them
under ode-0.8/ode/src... Anyway, I found the files
libast.a, libode.a and libOPCODE.a and added to the

13) Now, all source files using ODE must inlcude this
#include <ode/ode.h>

Anyway, I am not sure if you need all the three libs.
Also, perhaps you might use libode.dylib instead of
libode.a. I don't know much about libs. Later, you
might wan't to create a new build phase in XCode, to
copy the ODE libraries into the application bundle, in
that case you can distribute the application without
having to make an installer or check if the ODE
library already exists on the machine.


--- tanglihua821229 at sjtu.edu.cn skrev:

> Hello, oders
>      I have bought a macbook, and I want to start
> ODE programming on mac osx. But I am puzzled with
> how to get a start. Anyone can give me an advice or
> guide?
>      I download ODE0.8 src files, but I dont know
> how to install it to mac although I have referred to
> the ODE mannual.
>          I also download the Darwin Ports and with
> it helps the ODE seems installed. But I still dont
> know how to build and run the test examples like
> using vs.net on winxp.
>      Any ODEr as well as MACer can help me?
>      Thanks in advance. I'll appreciate your
> kindness.
> Tolly
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