[ODE] How to get started with ODE on Mac OSX?

tanglihua821229@sjtu.edu.cn tanglihua821229 at sjtu.edu.cn
Mon Feb 12 06:54:20 MST 2007

Hello, oders
     I have bought a macbook, and I want to start ODE programming on mac osx. But I am puzzled with how to get a start. Anyone can give me an advice or guide?

     I download ODE0.8 src files, but I dont know how to install it to mac although I have referred to the ODE mannual.
         I also download the Darwin Ports and with it helps the ODE seems installed. But I still dont know how to build and run the test examples like using vs.net on winxp.

     Any ODEr as well as MACer can help me?

     Thanks in advance. I'll appreciate your kindness.


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