[ODE] Naming of Tests

Dave Grundgeiger dave.grundgeiger at codenouveau.com
Sun Feb 11 14:25:32 MST 2007

> On 2/11/07, Dave Grundgeiger <dave.grundgeiger at codenouveau.com> wrote:
>> Should I rerun premake as part of my patch? If I don't, then the existing
>> projects will point to files that no longer exist. Let me know.

Jason Perkins wrote:
> Would you like me to make the changes and update the Premake scripts
> at the same time? Is there anything else you want done besides
> "changing the ode\test directory to ode\demo and changing, for example
> "test_boxstack.cpp" to "demo_boxstack.cpp"?

Here's what should be done:
1. Rename "ode/test" directory to "ode/demos".
2. Commit.
3. Rename files in "ode/demos" from "test_*" to "demo_*".
4. Rename "build/tests.lua" to "build/demos.lua".
5. Edit "build/demos.lua" to reflect the above changes. DON'T change the 
stuff that has to do with CppTestHarness. This stuff should continue to say 
"test", not "demo". (CppTestHarness will be replaced later with UnitTest++.)
6. Edit "build/premake.lua", replacing "test" with "demo".

I have Commit in step 2 because Subversion seems to have trouble tracking 
both the directory rename and file renames at the same time. Or it might be 
a TortoiseSvn limitation. I think that committing the directory rename 
before continuing will fix that. The downside is that that particular commit 
will break the build. Some shops have a philosophical problem with that; I 
don't know if you folks do. I don't know how to do it all in one commit 
while still retaining the file history on the renamed files.

I don't mind making the changes and giving you two patches. I just need to 
know whether you want me to run premake as part of the second patch.

It also looks like some projects under contrib might be affected by this 
change. I can look at those later.


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