[ODE] Q about OpenGL and rotating objects

Dave Grundgeiger dave.grundgeiger at codenouveau.com
Thu Feb 8 08:18:44 MST 2007

> Also, for my flippers to flip, I add a torque around the joint,
> however when they reach their max positions, they tend to bounce 
> against the limit of the joint.  So when the flipper flips up, it 
> bounces against the joint's up limit.  Same thing when it comes 
> back down.  Is there a better way to get the flipper to flip; such
> that I could kill all the movement when it reaches its limit but 
> still have it be strong enough such that when a ball hits it, it 
> won't give any/move down at all.

This is a newbie answer--and therefore probably wrong--but instead of applying one big torque when you hit the buttons, what about continuously (while the buttons are pushed) applying a torque that's inversely proportional to the current speed of the flippers? This would would dampen the bounce at the top of the swing but would also provide more power when the ball is on the flipper.

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