[ODE] new ODE 0.8 heightfield seems working wrong

tuan kuranes tuan.kuranes at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 06:32:44 MST 2007

I'm patch author.

The patch was mainly fixing a problem with object being stuck in height 
field at first (due to use of wrong normals for collision) and then 
ended up in a rewrite + speed.
> The author of the patch Tuan Kuranes might be a better person to ask
There is surely a way to debug that very easily and fast, but as my time 
is rather limited, the very best option is really to send/give me access 
to a sample application that demonstrates the bug.
Bug could be dependent on many things, including height field data, and 
reproducing the bug will surely take a lot more time than fixing it.
For instance, reproducing it just modifying the ode_height field test 
application would be great, as well as useful to serve as test for 
future improvements.

>  - or, alternatively there is always the option of debugging what the cause of the problem is and reporting back?
That would indeed be the best way. Placing some breakpoint in height 
field.cpp should get you fixed very fast about what's happening.

Tuan Kuranes.

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