[ODE] Code quality

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Wed Feb 7 02:29:39 MST 2007

Dave Grundgeiger wrote:

> All it takes is for the admins to say, "Please use ANSI style" (or K&R or 
> whatever). There's no benefit in spending more than three seconds choosing 
> which style to use, but there is benefit in applying a style consistently.


I'm with Jon on this....
I see no benefit in enforcing a style.
As long as the style is consistant *within a single file*, and the indentation 
matches the program logic, who cares...?
Different sections of the code have different main-contributors, as soon as
we start beautifying the code, we get a much harder time doing diffs.

What if we were to diff a beautified GIMPACT against a new GIMPACT release?
Absolute mess!
I already get this when diffing a fixed Ctrl-M file.

Coding style does *not* equate code quality, as stated earlier in this thread.
More unit tests would help code quality.
But these tests should be close to the source code, and not in a
separate dir. The source file that solves ray-vs-sphere should include
a test section that tests boundary cases of this problem.


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