[ODE] Code quality

Dave Grundgeiger dave.grundgeiger at codenouveau.com
Tue Feb 6 14:59:47 MST 2007

> Won't that make diffs useless when one of the revisions has been a
> re-style? Better re-style before changes are committed, not after. (or am
> i missing something?)

That's an important issue. Parts of the file that weren't modified by the 
patch will likely be modified by the restyle, thereby screwing up diffs. The 
files in question should be restyled and committed before restyling and 
committing the patch, so that you don't lose the ability to diff the patch. 
It might be worthwhile to restyle and commit the entire trunk in one fell 
swoop. This would solve the problem going forward, but if you ever needed to 
diff a current version to a pre-restyled version, you'd have some extra work 
to do. (I guess you'd have to pull down the old version and restyle it, then 
do the diff on your machine.) Would this ever come up in practice, though?


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