[ODE] XML Formats

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Feb 6 11:50:26 MST 2007

There is a bit of support for physics in X3D, but not enough to be 
authoritative from what I've seen.
Another XML format that I see being popular in games (in fact, more 
popular than X3D), is Collada (www.collada.org).
Most games actually roll their own, because the standards usually end up 
not supporting the specific goals needed for the game (size, 
performance, and game-specific features).


          / h+

Dave Grundgeiger wrote:
> Hi. I'm interested to learn what XML formats are relevant to game and 
> simulation programming. I did some searching and found X3D and H-Anim. 
> Are these widely used? Do these formats include the physical 
> properties of objects or just the display and animation properties? Is 
> there an XML format specifically for physics engines? Are there other 
> important XML specs, perhaps for AI or game scripting?
> Thanks!
> Dave

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