[ODE] Code quality

Daniel K. O. danielko.listas at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 12:48:21 MST 2007

Gero Müller escreveu:
> I have the feeling that the code quality of ODE is decreasing steadily. Many 
> patches are simply thrown in.
Well, it's hard to test every piece anyways. We need more test programs.
Small test programs. Integrating PyODE could be a good way to get
smaller tests. Also, we could try rewriting the current tests using the
C++ wrapper and see if the code gets smaller.

>  And there seems to be no real coding style 
> convention. How about a code quality project?
> 1. Setup a wiki page, define the ODE coding style and assign task to some 
> members/voluteers.
That sounds good. There are already some stuffs at

We also need volunteers to document the code.

> 2. A wiki page for patch files. Before patches are applied, let them be tested 
> and reviewed by the community.
There's already a tracker on SF:

Daniel K. O.

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