[ODE] vector force

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The math here is really simple (even I can handle it!).


You've got 2 boxes A and B and you desire a force from A to B with 10
units.  Simply subtract the position of B from A to give you a vector
from A to B.  Normalize the resultant vector then multiply it by 10.
That's your force vector.  Now call dBodyAddForce on box A with those
values.  See?  No trig involved.


ODE probably includes the appropriate vector functions to do all that,
although I use a separate math package, so I'm not 100% certain of that.



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hi all, 

noob in ode, I try to make a attraction between 2 object. (witch consist
of gluing a force on the second object.)

the only function I found is dBodyAddForce (Box,a,b,c);.
but we have to calculate the a,b,c. 
is there any function like that putForce(BoxA,boxB,10) who put a force
from A to B with 10 unit???

what I mean is if

A(xa,yb,zc)// a point
B(xa,yb,zc)// a other point 
force = 10 units // the force I wanna applicate on B in the direction of

I don't see how to calculate a, b, c  for dBodyAddForce (B,a,b,c);
without sinus and cosinus.(maybe my physics is a little old) 
is someone can help me?

thanks a+++

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