[ODE] new ODE 0.8 heightfield seems working wrong

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 2 12:41:06 MST 2007

>  It seems that patch #1583115 has changed internal heightfield.cpp code completely. A new algorithm for a the hightfield is used. I think the best way is to negotiate with person who committed this patch - hidden_asbestos. Does anybody know his e-mail or is it possible to redirect this topic to him?

Hi, that's me :-)

Sorry that I seem to have committed a bad patch, however I did run
test_heightfield a few times beforehand to give it a quick test and
everything seemed fine to me. Apologies that it's not exactly correct.

As for the specifics of the problem, I'm afraid I don't really know
the heightfield code very well any more. The author of the patch Tuan
Kuranes might be a better person to ask - or, alternatively there is
always the option of debugging what the cause of the problem is and
reporting back?

Again, sorry for checking in something that doesn't completely work. I
believe the nature of the patches for this code are to optimise the
common use cases for the collider - this sounds likely to have left
open the possibility of flaws in the 'rare cases'.

David Walters

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