[ODE] dWorldStep at 60 FPS

Jeff King jeff at gc2inc.com
Fri Feb 2 08:28:59 MST 2007

Hello guys:


I am calling dWorldStep with a step of 0.01 each time.  When I let the app
run as fast as it can then my objects fall and move quickly.  It looks good.


Because of the fact that I can't be certain about other people's machines, I
limit to rendering at 60fps, I also limited the physics updates to 60 fps..
But when I do that, the physics runs unbarably slow!  I have tried changing
the step and calling dWorldStepFast1, but I would need to increase the step
to 0.2 to run at a somewhat decent rate (it still needs to be increased to
run normally), however, I'm sure you know, running at that has soo many


So, my question is . How do you limit the physics updates at 60fps and not
have ode run super slow?


What am I missing?




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