[ODE] Pratical way for creating groups of "glued" objects

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Thu Feb 1 08:33:29 MST 2007

Jose Marin wrote:
> Hi.
> Imagine a table with several objects, some of them "glued" on the top of the table.
> If I inclinate the table, all "glued" objects must inclinate, too, and the free objects must move.
> What's the "proper" way of do this using ODE?

"objects" are ambiguous in OpenDE-speak.
You have geoms and bodies.

The best approach is to create a single body,
and attach several geoms to it (the table and the glued objs).

If you need to toggle the glue on/off, you could introduce
a fixed contraint, but this is bad practice, because it
hurts performance and stability. Sometimes it is a nice
shortcut though.


> Thanks
> Jose
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