[ODE] Once more the trimesh vs sphere collision problem

Johan Öberg jo at virtualsolutions.se
Thu Aug 30 07:31:37 MST 2007

Hello everybody. I have been using Ode through OgreOde for a while now. In my mini golf game I have a ball (sphere) rolling on a ground (trimesh). When the ball rolls over a triangle edge it changes direction. I have been able to minimize this problem by changing simulation parameters, but there is one problem I can't get totally rid of. Around the hole-area there are lots of thin triangles, and sometimes the ball gets stuck between two edges and refuses to come to a rest.
Last time I read about this problem noone had solved it. There was some suggestions of commenting out some code in ode, but that didn't work for me.
If I had anywhere near the knowlage required I would try to solve it myself, but I'm just too far off.
If anyone has an idea how I could solve this (And I would probably need quite an explicit answer) I would be very greatful!
Have a nice day, Johan.
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