[ODE] 2 more quick ODE newbie questions.

STenyaK (Bruno González) stenyak at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 02:26:03 MST 2007

On 8/28/07, Jeremy Roberts <jroberts at digipen.edu> wrote:
>      1)  I am trying to figure out exactly what data needs to be stored in
> object instances that use ODE.  For all intents and purposes I would like to
> simply be able to store the dBodyID.  Then, during instance destruction call
> something like dBodyDestroyGeoms(dBodyId) and dBodyDestroyJoints(dBodyId).
> Therefore an object instance would only require storage of a single ID (the
> dBodyId).  The destruction pipeline seems a little un-user intuitive.  Does
> one really have to store ALL geomsIDs, all JointIDs and all dBodyIDs for any
> given object instance?  If this has been covered somewhere I apologize.  I
> am new to using ODE.

Depends on what your concept of "object" is. In my car sim, i have an
object "car body" which has one ode body and several collision geoms.
I have a "suspension" that has several bodies (rods), several joints
and no collision geoms. I have a "wheel" with one body and one geom.
You decide how to handle it all, since ODE is not object oriented.
Just make sure you store it all so that you can tell ODE what to
delete when exiting the simulation.


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