[ODE] New to ODE and wondering about editors.

Piotr Obrzut piotr_obrzut at o2.pl
Mon Aug 27 14:34:37 MST 2007


> There are a few ODE editors, but my impression is that they're not in 
> widespread use, mostly because it's a bit of a dead end to try to edit
> physics without the context of the actual application.

You can also check IAEditor(http://sourceforge.net/projects/iaeditor/),
though its main goal is to create animation files based on physics based
movement, but it works with Crystal Space world files (so you can define
your world in Blender or similar, and later you can check the physics setup).
Perhaps in future I will add option to add physics setup to given CS world
files (but now you can only save your work only in editor project file).

I think that you can add physics properties with blender2crystal
exporter (http://b2cs.delcorp.org/index.php/Main_Page ).

This two options are available only when you work with Crystal Space.

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