[ODE] interactive and continuous physics collisions?

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Fri Aug 24 09:07:00 MST 2007

You need a fixed frame rate for physics (fixed step size).

You can also do manual detection, where you sweep a sphere across the 
movement arc (creating a capsule), and do the appropriate detection on 
that, instead of on a static sphere.


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Onur Tugcu wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm working on a networked 2d table game. My scene is simple,
> a ball sphere
> a player1 sphere
> a player2 sphere
> constrained onto the plane, sphere centers are right on the plane.
> 4 thin boxes on the sides constraining the ball within the table's surface.
> The players control massless geometries (spheres) to hit the ball and score.
> When the geometries stand still, the ball collides and bounces fine,
> same works for the side boxes.
> When the geometries hit the ball slowly, things are still well, and
> the game is somehow playable.
> But when the players move too quickly, they will pass through the
> ball, or do a strange bouncing (since the next simulation step has the
> ball inside the player's sphere)
> Also when the ball hits the boxes too fast, it will pass through them
> and continue flying off.
> So is there any way of constraining the ball on a limited surface area
> or constraining the ball to never pass through certain objects like
> spheres?
> Am I doing something wrong? is there a better way of doing all this?
> Thanks in advance.
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