[ODE] bad normals in capsule->box collision ?

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Wed Aug 22 08:50:18 MST 2007

Hi Oleh,
> Hi, Russel
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>> The problem was created when the capsule and the box were barely
>> touching each other by the sphere part. The "penetration" distance was 0
>> and the vector from point on shell of the sphere to the point on the box
>> was almost zero (1e-16 in the wrong direction) then this created a
>> normal vector in the wrong direction.
>> I also created a small test program that show the problem but I did not
>> know how to solve it.
> If a sphere touches anything, the normal vector is the radius vector of the 
> sphere to the point of contact.
This is true for a hard sphere.

But with ODE there can be some penetration. Ode use (I think) this 
penetration distance to find the normal vector and this is why sometime 
I get and inverted normal.


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