[ODE] maintenance back-log

Bram Stolk b.stolk at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 22:48:03 MST 2007


Sorry for the long silence.
In the last few months I have not been able to do any maintenance for ode.
I have been occupied with my move from Holland to Canada.
Also, my new job as a game-developer with Slant Six games takes up my time.

I will try to slowly start doing maintenance again.
I added a few patches to the trunk, closed some bugs, and hopefully we
can get a higher quality 0.8.1-rc1 out in a not too distant future.

A primary focus for me currently, is the gimpact mess.
I've been told by debian people that they build with gimpact.
This is because of opcode license issues.
However, gimpact is in pretty bad shape, as I found out when I
released stormbaancoureur-1.5.1
I wish debian would use opcode instead, but until they do, we should
look into the problems that we currently see with gimpact.

If you want to get an impression on how ode is doing wrt maintenance,
glance here:

  Bram Stolk
  (Now in Vancouver BC).

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