[ODE] Collision Trimesh-Box

Oleh Derevenko oder at eleks.lviv.ua
Tue Aug 14 10:15:06 MST 2007

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> So, can you optimize for the case where the user asks for fewer contacts 
> than he really needs to see? Yes, you can, but that's kind-of like 
> optimizing for a file-not-found error.

The quality code is written optimized from very beginning. It does not need 
to be optimized for some purpose after it had been developed.
If you do not expect the code to be used in some way you should put an 
assertion check and disallow using it that way. But if you did not do so, it 
means you assumed it _could_ be used that way. In that case if you consider 
yourself a high class software developer all the usage cases and all the 
code should be implemented equally good. If you consider something to be 
troublesome and/or not worth effort required for its 
optimization/implementation it should be explicitly noted in commentaries.
However, those two cases I had noticed having just briefly stepped with 
debugger through one collision case in one source file are quite simple to 
fix. So, I consider this to be usual slapdash work.

Oleh Derevenko

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