[ODE] Static objects start rotating?

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sun Aug 12 08:51:55 MST 2007

First, are you creating a ground? If so, how?
Are you using gravity? If so, how much?
Are you using fixed or variable step size?
What does your nearcallback look like? What joints are created, if any, 
each step?

If you have, say, a plane for ground, and you use reasonable gravity, a 
step size of 0.01, and create at least 3 contacts per body (preferrably 
more), it should come to rest pretty quickly, although a little 
rotational and linear inertial dampening each step certainly helps.


          / h+

James Frye wrote:
> I run this with a basic simulation loop as copied from the examples.  The box should just sit there
> doing nothing, but it begins a slow rotation around the Z axis.  Why?  What am I doing wrong?

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