[ODE] Static objects start rotating?

Steve Fogoros sfogoros at hsc.unt.edu
Fri Aug 10 15:14:06 MST 2007

There is also a forum of ODE posts at
http://www.nabble.com/ODE-f14241.html with a search function.

>>> Beau Albiston <albiston at cynergy.com> 8/10/2007 4:59 PM >>>
To search the archive, I use Google.  For example, searching for the 
keyword "joint," I put the following in the search edit field:

joint site:http://ode.org/pipermail/ode/


James Frye wrote:
> I'm sure this must be a really dumb question, but I can't find an
> (Apropos of which, it would
> be nice if there was some way to search the mailing list
> I create a very simple simulation, just a box sitting on the ground
(Obj is
> a struct that holds all
> info about a body...)
>   Obj->body = dBodyCreate (world);
>   dBodySetPosition (Obj->body, 0.5, 2.0, 0.25);
>   dMassSetBox (&m, 1.0, 0.5, 2.0, 0.5);
>   dBodySetMass (Obj->body, &m);
>   Obj->geom = dCreateBox (space, 0.5, 2.0, 0.5);
>   dGeomSetBody (Obj->geoms, Obj->body);
> I run this with a basic simulation loop as copied from the examples. 
The box should just sit there
> doing nothing, but it begins a slow rotation around the Z axis.  Why?
 What am I doing wrong?
> Thanks,
> James
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