[ODE] obstacle course for vehicles

Tobias Zimmer tozim at gmx.de
Tue Aug 7 03:57:24 MST 2007

Hi again.

I want my vehicle to face a range of different obstacles.
The ramp in the buggy-example is a very easy example and
easy to improve as well.

But I also want to confront the vehicles with more difficult
obstacles, e.g. debris. Therefore I created boxes with random
dimensions and dropped them at random positions in front
of the vehicle. Problem again: already 10 boxes are a big
challenge for the performance. The idea of the debris clearly
is, that the pieces influence each other as well as the vehicle,
that way I can't put them in a space together.

Any ideas how I could realize some nice challenging obstacles,
which the vehicle at least reaches? (I mean concerning the
simulation speed!)


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