[ODE] interlinked wheels - imagine gears

Tobias Zimmer tozim at gmx.de
Wed Aug 1 07:05:30 MST 2007


Another unexpected problem occured today.
My vehicle has 4 wheels on both sides, which work
like an excenter. 2 on each side correspond to 2 on the other
side, resulting in 2 sets of wheels each with 4 wheels. But
now after a longer simulation I observed, that the wheelsets
develop different speeds though driven by the same force.
This is a logical though unwanted result of the different weights
connected to the wheelsets.

Now the question: How could I interlink the wheels like gears
giving them the same velocity in every timestep? My only idea
is to set FMax to 0 at each timestep, but would they work than

Another idea would be a hardware solution, a connection between
the wheels with fixed joints, which would then add the force
difference to the slower wheel...

Anybody out there, who already had to solve that problem?


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