[ODE] Masses and collisions

Malcolm Ryan malcolmr at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Apr 30 22:26:20 MST 2007


I'm a new user of ODE, working with the PyODE interface in order to  
build games with PyGame. I've written a test program (attached) but  
it doesn't seem to work right. Basically, it involves two objects (a  
box and a sphere) dropping onto a floor (a plane). When they collide  
with the floor, they are supposed to stop.

It all works fine, until I give the objects mass. Once I add the  
following lines:

         M = ode.Mass()
         M.setSphere(10, self.radius)

The Circle object starts to significantly penetrate the floor, and  
bounce a lot. It eventually comes to rest half-embedded in the floor.

If I reduce the density from 10 to 1, the problem is significantly  
reduced, but still there is a lot of bouncing before the objects come  
to rest on the surface.

Can anyone explain what is going on here?


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