[ODE] GIMPACT capsule avatar.

Michael Anderson christiancoder at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 18:39:55 MST 2007

We are currently using a capsule for our avatar. Each step I clear the
angular velocity and rotation and then apply the appropriate forces to
locomote the avatar. With OPCODE this all worked fine, but with GIMPACT it
seems clearing the angular velocity and rotation causes large error
correcting forces to be applied when the capsule collides with walls. To
test this I dump a bunch of random capsule into the world and apply random
forces so they bounce around, if I leave the angular velocity and rotation
alone all works fine, but if I force the capsules upright (by clearing
rotation and angular velocity) the crazy penetration forces get applied
(when wall collisions occur) and the capsules blast off into the ether...
not a desirable behaviour...
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