[ODE] contact points

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Fri Apr 20 17:44:10 MST 2007

I still think we need to calculate contact points some other way, did 
you added some code regarding that?
I have no idea what could be wrong and really my only lead is what I 
wrote about on the last email.

Anyway, I am going to make some checks and experiments to see what can I 
come up with.


Lewis Foster wrote:
> Sorry to bring this back up but I'm still struggling with this. Given 
> my situation of one box on top of another I have the following details 
> for one of the collision points:
> plane normal  - Pretty much vertically DOWN:
> -0.089130431 x
> -0.011053018 y
> -0.99595863  z
> depth
> 0.0040335180 - sounds correct
> g1 = lower box
> g2 = upper box
> With this arrangement of g1 and g2 the normal is pointing down, and 
> thus into the lower box, g1...which is correct according to the 
> documentation. However the upper box just falls though the box....I 
> can't see where this could be failing.
> When the situation is like this it works:
> plane normal  - Pretty much vertically UP:
> 0 x
> 0 y
> 1 z (near as makes no difference on these)
> depth
> 0.00017637298 - sounds correct
> g1 = upper box
> g2 = lower box
> So basically the order of g1 and g2 has been swopped round when the 
> contact normal has swopped...however for the second case it works, for 
> the first case it doesn't....how can this be?
> This is using test_boxstack so im presuming the callback function is fine.
> I'm really stumped on this, any ideas would really be appreciated.
> Lewis

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