[ODE] contact points

Lewis Foster doof205 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 16:22:07 MST 2007

Sorry to bring this back up but I'm still struggling with this. Given my
situation of one box on top of another I have the following details for one
of the collision points:

plane normal  - Pretty much vertically DOWN:

-0.089130431 x
-0.011053018 y
-0.99595863  z

0.0040335180 - sounds correct

g1 = lower box
g2 = upper box

With this arrangement of g1 and g2 the normal is pointing down, and thus
into the lower box, g1...which is correct according to the documentation.
However the upper box just falls though the box....I can't see where this
could be failing.

When the situation is like this it works:

plane normal  - Pretty much vertically UP:

0 x
0 y
1 z (near as makes no difference on these)

0.00017637298 - sounds correct

g1 = upper box
g2 = lower box

So basically the order of g1 and g2 has been swopped round when the contact
normal has swopped...however for the second case it works, for the first
case it doesn't....how can this be?

This is using test_boxstack so im presuming the callback function is fine.

I'm really stumped on this, any ideas would really be appreciated.

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