[ODE] why ode crash my app?

Lewis Foster doof205 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 14:10:30 MST 2007

Taken from the ODE documenation:

ODE with dWorldStep<http://ode.org/ode-latest-userguide.html#func_dWorldStep>requires
stack space roughly on the order of
*O*(*n*)+*O*(*m*2), where *n* is the number of bodies and *m* is the sum of
all the joint constraint dimensions. If *m* is large, this can be a lot of

Unix-like operating systems typically allocate stack space as it is needed,
with an upper limit that might be in the hundreds of Mb. Windows compilers
normally allocate a much smaller stack. If you experience crashes when
running large systems, try increasing the stack size. For example, the MS
VC++ command line compiler accepts the /Stack:num flag to set the upper

Another option is to switch to

Could be your problem.

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