[ODE] high accuracy cable physics

Ignacio García Fernández ignacio.garcia at uv.es
Thu Apr 19 03:35:34 MST 2007

Hi François,

I have done an implementation of a cable using ODE and found several problems. 
Finally I'm implementing it outside ODE.

I'm quite interested in discussing the issue with you, both to learn from you 
and to offer the information I already have about it.

Best regards


El Jueves, 19 de Abril de 2007 11:46, François Bruneau escribió:
> Thanks all for your answers.
> The overall feeling I get is that ODE is good for approximate
> simulations, not precise calculations.
> Anyway, that might just what I need. The cable simulator I'm
> considering has a 20% error tolerance on static position.
> Did any of you carry out a validation work, i.e. comparing
> ODE-generated results with real world experimental results ?
> Thanks again,
> François.
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