[ODE] pressure soft body

Mateusz Kula toczka at smorfland.uni.wroc.pl
Mon Apr 16 12:48:49 MST 2007

Yes, I have some experiences with pressure soft bodies.
Look on my website www.wmorfland.uni.wroc.pl/~toczka/2ndtype/index.html
below the cloth there is an example of softbody implemented in java.
Also I have nearly finished 3d soft body in pure c++ without using any 
phics engine.

You're right I have to intergate the body's sourface.
It will be doine using Gauss Theorem.

I think that it can be a cool thing in ODE.
I hope You think so too.
Let me know what You think.

Mathew Kula

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, Patrick Enoch wrote:

> I would use a triangle mesh with springs. But springs alone are not
> volume conserving.
> Probably you need to integrate the body's surface for volume, and add
> "outward" forces.
> Do you have experience with softpressure bodies?
> Patrick
> On 16. Apr 2007, at 15:48 Uhr, Mateusz Kula wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I'm thinking about implementing pressure soft body model into ODE, I'm
>> quite new, so now I'm just reading ODE sources and thinking about
>> how to
>> start doing that.
>> I would be happy to know Your opinion about that.
>> Any suggestion would be welcome.
>> Mathew Kula
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