[ODE] About world's axis

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Mon Apr 16 07:36:05 MST 2007


> Hi,
> Thanks for your help and sorry for my question which does not clear.
> The thing that I confuse as :
> - I have build 2 application using ODE
> - The first app, I've used drawstuff that come with ODE to display graphic, when I set gravity as ( 0, 0, -9.81 )  the object fall from higher to lower.
> - But with the second app. I've used GLUT to display, when I set gravity as ( 0, 0, -9.81 ) the object move from near to far
> - So, I don't know why this happened because I've initial ODE for 2 applications in the same way. I think the object in 2 app should fall in the same axis.
> I hope that this will more clear than the previous question. My English is not good :(

It is possible that drawstuff and GLUT might have a different default 

A simple test. Create a box with very different dimension
x=1, y=5, z=10 then look at them with drawstuff and GLUT.

This will help you find where are the axis.


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