[ODE] Patch to add a new joint in ODE

Thomas Paviot thomas.paviot at free.fr
Fri Apr 13 07:21:17 MST 2007

Remi Ricard a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm only posting this here to let the developers with svn access know
> that there is a new patch.I submitted the patch on the sourceforge website.
> The patch add a new joint to ODE.
> The new joint is like a slider joint but the bodies are free to rotate 
> in one direction. The axis of rotation is the same as the slider axis.
> The patch include all the modification to ..h and .cpp files.
> A simple demo demo_piston.cpp and finally patch for the premake.
> This is a patch against the latest trunk code (revision 1173).
> The patch was produced with:
> cd openode; svn diff joint_piston.patch

I'm surprised there's no dJointSetPistonAnchor method in the patch you 
submitted (there's only a dJointSetAxis one).

Around wich axis ( a point and 3 vects) is computed the rotation? How is 
it possible to modify this point location?


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