[ODE] contact points

Lewis Foster doof205 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 02:59:15 MST 2007

Jaroslav, in that case then something is wrong. I'll have to try and find
whats causing the problems. Thanks.

Rodrigo, Yea i'm working on the code you wrote. I see what you mean about
the box example, something more needs to be done with the planes of each
convex that are most likely in contact. At the minute contact points can
only be on vertices so something needs to be done there. I've done edge-edge
collision but again as contact points can only be present on vertices it's
not going to work very well.

I'm tempted to look more closely at GJK, perhaps combined with SAT but it
depends on time really. I suppose i should see where this technique can go
before trying another.

Thanks for the help everyone,
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