[ODE] random detection

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 13 01:47:56 MST 2007

> Using Ode0.5, i'm very slowly rolling a sphere on a trimesh (opcode)
> and detection doesn't occurs everytime. I do constant step of 1ms and
> I would like to know if it s normal or not.
> Is it possible that the sphere do some micro jump that generate a lost
> of collision?

Hi, did you know that ODE 0.5 has been improved on quite a lot since
its release, we're now on v0.8 which was released in late January
2007. Please try to upgrade to this version because I think that a lot
of your problems may magically disappear.

With regards to your problem, I'm not sure what you mean by 'doesn't
occur everytime' -- if you've got a constant problem with some
triangles not 'working' then ensure that the winding order is
consistent across the surface - I believe that (and I'm not sure for
what purpose) OPCODE trimeshes are unidirectional.

Anyway, first thing would be to try 0.8 and see if that 'just works'

Good luck,

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