[ODE] Convex/TriMesh collisions?

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 10 01:56:30 MST 2007

> >> Should I expect convex/convex collisions to work in 0.8?
> > No. But you can expect them to work in 0.9, using Bullet.

> Hi Erwin, just interested to hear if you've been able to make progress
> with Bullet integration?

Erwin, Is there a broken up list of tasks required to add this
library? perhaps if the job could be broken up into smaller parts -
people would be able to - a) get a nice progress update and build some
hype, b) be able to pick a task an volunteer and c) guide the
direction of ODE so there is some linkup with the requirements of

At the moment the list is:

1. Integrate Bullet

I'd love to help out, but haven't the time to spend doing the research
into what _might_ need doing (without ever being sure) and possible
contributing work that is unnecessary to the job in hand.

I feel a little bad that I've not researched Bullet very much, but I
kinda got the impression that one day I'd wake up and check the
mailing list and see 'bullet patch on sourceforge' :-)

David Walters

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