[ODE] How to shift the center of mass of a Geom using Transform Object - Some questions

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sun Apr 8 08:06:38 MST 2007

Actually, as of ODE 0.8, there is a simpler way: you can set the offset 
of each geom instead. So to lower the center of mass, just raise each of 
the geoms. The center of the body and the center of the mass is always 
the same thing in ODE -- the "offset" part of the mass is ignored.

If you want a sample for how to use geom transforms (the old way), check 
out the RayCar sample: http://www.mindcontrol.org/~hplus/raycar/
The bold links are downloadable.


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PKS123 wrote:
> I know that this is a hackneyed question and there are posts which give the
> answers, but none of them give the answer to my satisfaction. So, i'll ask
> again.
> My question is how do I lower the center of mass of a ODE Body. The answer
> that I know of is, "by using the ODE transform object". But I have some
> further questions about it.
> 1. The Transform object claims to change the point of reference of a body.
> Do point of reference and center of mass mean the same thing in ODE?
> 2. Is there any example anywhere of how to use the Transform Object. Its not
> there in any of the ODE demos.
> 3. Will the transform object inherit all the geometrical properties (sides
> in case of a box) and behave exactly the same was as a (box) geom would
> have, or is there an unsaid difference of behavior somewhere.
> Thanks and Regards
> PKS123

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