[ODE] Official ODE Bindings for .NET 2.0?

Daniel Huser dhuser at 1eeurope.ch
Fri Sep 8 07:06:18 MST 2006

> Of course, there's always the option of contributing to one of the existing efforts to help improve them, 
> rather than casting about for an implementation that may be better in some undefinable way.

I would love to contribute, you can believe me that! And if I should be able to so in some way, I most definitely will! Unfortunately, my understandings of ODE are very limited at the moment and I'm already happy if I actually manage to use ODE as intended. :)
But like I said, once that changes, and I should be able to contribute in any way....I will be delighted to do so! :)

I had briefly looked into Pepperboy's Wrapper before finding OdeDotNet, but as it was still using v0.5 of ODE, I kept looking for something else......

For now I'm set with OdeDotNet/Tao.Ode! Thanks guys!

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