[ODE] Official ODE Bindings for .NET 2.0?

Jason Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 05:39:03 MST 2006

On 9/8/06, Daniel Huser <dhuser at 1eeurope.ch> wrote:
> ..and from what we have seen so far, the OdeDotNet/Tao.Ode people have done
> a great job wrapping ODE, at least as far as we would be able to tell anyway.

They have, and the difference between the two are mostly very minor. I
am creating this "official" version mostly so it can be tracked and
released along with the ODE core. I am also making some small changes
to the API to avoid the use of unsafe code. If you ever decide to
switch, it should be a very small effort.


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