[ODE] New patches submitted

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Wed Sep 6 12:33:51 MST 2006


New patches submitted to sourceforge

Finally today I submitted my patch for a new joints on the sourceforge site.

This new joint combine a rotoide and prismatic and it is called

So instead of:

body1 -- slider -- body2  -- hinge -- body3

You can have
body1 -- slider and hinge -- body2

But there is some restrictions.
The axe of the slider/prismatic and hinge/rotoide cannot be parallel.
I only did some tests (lots of tests) when they are at 90deg to each other.

There is also a patch to optimize the code when dGYROSCOPIC is not defined.

There is a patch that remove unused variables in some test program.

There is finally a patch to fix a bug in test_joints. You were not
able to specify the test number on the command line.

P.S. Did someone tested my patch  (1477849: Add fct getUniversalAngles)
This patch optimize how the 2 angles of Hinge2 are calculated. I'm using 
this patch for the last several months without any problem.


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