[ODE] Auto Disable Improvement patch #1586738

Christoph Beyer boernerb at web.de
Tue Oct 31 10:33:29 MST 2006

John Miles wrote:
 > The usual example is something twitching and jittering on the ground 
when it should be at rest.
 > The object's average velocity is near zero, since it
 > isn't actually going anywhere, but its instantaneous velocity can be high
 > enough to keep it from going to sleep.

This is a very important point for stability!
My first idea is to save the velocities form the i.e. 5 last steppings 
in the body structur.
calculate the average velocity and if it is <= AutodisableVel --> 
disable the object!
But you have to count how much a body is "stepped", and only after i.e. 
more than 5 steps he is able to get disabled.
before i.e. 5 steps, the velocity-array is not completely filled.
the '5' is like the autodisable-stepcount.
just a food for thought...


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