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Francisco Leon projectileman at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 31 06:05:49 MST 2006

ODE doesn't need a full-teatured 3D engine. Only needs SPEED.
  It is necessary a lightweight, fast and portable engine with very little requirements, and it is desirable that it comes with a less retrictive license like ZLib or BSD.
  The current 'drawstuff' is a good start, but it lacks on speed. Trimesh Bunnies run slow because 'drawstuff' doesn't use Vertex arrays; instead it uses a sort of  glBegin()-glVertex-glEnd() commands for drawing trimeshes those slowdown the simulation.
  I think that Irrlicht is a wise decision: it is fast, is lightweight, is portable and needs very little requirements.
tuan kuranes <tuan.kuranes at gmail.com> wrote:
    If you're seeking high capabilities graphic library, I would suggest
Ogre: http://www.ogre3d.org
It alreadly has an Ode Wrapper and some nice Ogre Ode demo apps (cars,
ragdolls, missiles, trimesh, etc.):
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  Naah....Ogre is too big and difficult for use in the ODE samples. We need a easy-to-use engine, and Ogre is extremly serius engine. Not for amateurs. Configuring Ogre3D is very time consuming.
  ODE samples doesn't need Shaders like materials, skinning, Shadows or any king of fancy effect that hits the performance of the simulation. 

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